My Bucket List

I just want a place to reflect on what’s important, it’s basically a list of priorities made for my mental sanity. This list is in order.

  1. Rock Climbing and Mountaineering
    • Health
    • #1 Passion in life
    • Inner Peace. Mind before body but body and mind are connected.
  2. Debt Re-Payment, Financial Freedom
    • So important for mental sanity.
  3. Photography
    • No matter how hard I try, I cannot avoid taking pictures.
    • More journalism and photo reportage, less fashion.

I always find myself way too busy so I hope that the following list will help me to keep things in perspective.

Stuff To-Do Before The Big 4-0

[Last Update: Jan 2018]

    • Learn PHP to an intermediate level
    • Climb a big big mountain
    • Climb a mountain or two in the Coast Range
    • Bouldering: Onsight V5 without issue
    • Climb a Bugaboo Spire or two
    • Photograph someone that inspires me
    • Hike (cross) the Grand Canyon (again)
    • Visit Everest Base-Camp (very very cheesy, I know)
    • Climb famous peaks in the Alps
    • Learn to AT ski
    • Ski tour across a long mountain ridge line
    • Eat very very healthily for an entire year
    • Ski down some really cool mountains in fluffy powder snow
    • Learn JavaScript to an intermediate level
    • Skydive at least once (cliche, I know.. I know…)
    • Learn about wine and drink it
    • Learn to shoot a gun, get a gun license
    • Shoot a major photojournalism story and make a website to hold the photos
    • Travel to Thailand
    • Travel to Iceland
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