We’re Moving!

Well, I suppose the title is descriptive enough, but I thought I would make an official blog post about it. I’ll also kill two birds with one stone and give an update on how things are going in general at the same time.

Big things happening in my life right now:

  1. We’re moving! (oh, you knew that already…)
  2. Christine finished her university!
  3. Training for climbing is going very well but I gained 5 lbs in 5 days over the holidays!!

I can’t believe that it has been over 5 years since we started living on Redfern Street. The times that I had there with all of the family, dogs, cats and rabbits will never be forgotten. It was good for me and for Christine (while she was in school) to live there. It defiantly gave me some perspective on life and, most of all, on family. It was really outlook changing to live with such caring people and loving family. However, the time for a little more independence and… (how to put this…?) “couple time” has come for us though. Our new apartment has been redone inside and we move in just one day!

Christine finished her university courses last week and her grades have been coming in. She’ll have her official ceremony in June. She’s starting a new life and I think that it’s the perfect time for us to move. We spoke about her experiencing a “yogurt commercial” lifestyle for a while before she becomes too overwhelmed with finding work and life after school. People in yogurt commercials do things like: go jogging, breath fresh air in the morning sunshine, yoga, play with dogs, go hiking, etc. The plan is for Christine to do this for a while before anything else. I think it’s a good plan for her after the craziness of school.

Lastly, I’ve been training like crazy for climbing. The training schedule that I follow has me doing some sort of activity or climbing every day for 13 days and then a rest day. (I didn’t follow train like this last week at Christmas time though.) Some days are much more active than others. This has got me to the place where I am onsighting V4’s and flashing V5’s. I am almost back at the highest level of climbing that I ever was. Sadly, I pigged right the fuck out this Christmas and I gained 5 lbs from Dec. 25th to today. That’s 5 lbs in 5 days! So, needless to say, it’s important to stay on task and not fall off the bandwagon when training for any sport – lesson learned. I hope to quickly get back to where I was at before the holidays. :)

So, sorry that this post is nothing fancy. I just wanted to keep the rhythm of the blog going and give an update. I hope to get out there and post some more trip reports from various adventures soon.

Oh, yeah! One last thing! Happy New Year!! I guess my next post will be my annual birthday post… 11 days to go!!! Ciao!


Haha, that’ll be in a while! We’ve got lots to setup/do before we can entertain! No need for a gift tho, we should have lunch some time! :)

Exciting times, wow! Congrats to Christine for finishing school. That’s so inspiring.
When’s the house-warming party? I’ve got some ideas for gifts :-)

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