Welcome to the “Revolution”

I’m really not one for just re-posting (re-blogging, aggregating, etc.) content but I found these really interesting (so here we go)…

It’s really zippy and Flashy, but I found the facts very interesting. Just think, those with Facebook accounts, Vimeo accounts, and other social media accounts are creating realtime logs of themselves. Our great grandchildren will be able to see us highly intoxicated years (decades!) from now. Everything is so public and shared. Soon, there may be no need for family trees!

It’s time to learn when enough is enough! We live in a world of hyper consumption and massive surplus!

The Grouch – Simple Man

“I’m just a simple man
I like pretty things
I’m a simple man, really
I’m just a simple man [Yes, I am]
I like funny things; I like beans and rice”

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