Web Developer?

Since I started off in web technologies (I dabbled in HTML 4 in like 2005), I’ve always thought that it was just a means to an end. I always thought, “I need to do this so that this site will look, behave and act like I want it to online.” I was always just building sites with that scope in mind. Most of the time, I was just building my own site. I didn’t have any money to hire anyone, so I did it myself (and it was a means to an end). Nowadays, I find myself actually writing code just for the fun (!!!) of it! Maybe I’m actually getting old! Eeffffff!!!!!

Now, with my new job, I’m working 100% of the time with web technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc. It’s pretty crazy – learning learning learning. I’ve always thought of my self as a designer, not a developer. Now, since our developer left us for another position, I’ve been pushed to do more programming and more scripting and more DB stuff. I’m actually really loving it! One of my goals is to learn PHP (fully) in the next decade (my third decade). So, it’s working out!

One term that has been emerging in the last little bit is “front-end developer/development”. This really rings true with me. I’m excited to learn and really happy that I have the opportunity that I do with the BCPS. I think front-end development combines the best of both worlds for me: design and geeky programing. We’ll see where I’m at when I’m 40!

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