Update on Life in General I Suppose

Hi. Well, it’s been a while so I thought that I would just get my thoughts out and update total strangers on my current MO at the same time – a kinda ‘two birds with one stone’ thing.

It’s fall and with that comes a feeling of ‘hunkering down’. I’ve been really trying to focus my life in the past month, sort out what is important, get rid of anything else (think ‘fall cleaning’). I’m obbsessed with the idea that genious people concentrate solely on thier passion. I want to be an expert in a lot of areas, but I have too many things that pull me in too many directions. I’ve touched on this before. Anyways, I’ve been trying to figure out what is fluff and what is the real meat of my life. I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply have too many things that I want to do and I just need to choose one or two. That’s great, but then the other side of me speaks up and wants to tick items off of my bucket list. I think what I need to realize is that there’s time to do it all and maybe the real question is, “What do you want to focus on now?”

To that end, I have figured one thing out. I need to train more for climbing – like I have been doing. This past month, I have (for the first time in my life) been treating climbing and training like a real athlete would. I have been following as closely as I can a training program and I have been eating really well, too. My diet is a smoothie with fruit or veggies in the morning, another for lunch or a light lunch focused again on fruits or quinoa and a dinner with some protein and potassium. I’ve been drinking 4 liters of water a day, no coffee – and I feel amazing. Like really really amazing! :) I think I’ve lost a few pounds too. The best thing is, I am coming close to getting back my climbing to where it was when I left off with it a couple of years ago. This is partly in preparation for my 3 year plan and partly just for personal bests/satisfaction (plus pulling some new boulder problems).

The only thing is, other things/projects (like photography or studying more JS/PHP) have gone to the wayside and climbing has come to the front. I suppose the thing that we need to learn here is, everyone migrates to a place they feel comfortable – but that place can change as time moves on, and it will. And that’s my update on life in general, I suppose. Have a pleasant day.

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