“Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”

Training for the 10K has been going OK. Yes, that’s right.. Just OK… I think that with a LOT of luck I will be able to come in under my goal time of 50 mins.

There have been some set backs though. Big ones:

  • I was walking along the other day and my hip just gave out! Literally, I could not put any weight on it. This happened quickly and out of the blue. It only lasted a second or two but it was really terrifying. Then, one day later, I went for a run and I got shin splints. Moments after this, the strange hip thing happened again! This time while running! I almost fell over. I told a few people about this and they all said the same thing. REST! So, I’ve given it a two-day rest and now it seems to be fine. It felt strange and I had a couple theories of my own. I thought maybe I was sleeping on it strangely. Anyways, I am back at training and I think we are A-OK.
  • Time. There’s never enough time for anything! While I have done a good job of simplifying my life, I still feel like I have too many projects on the go.
  • Training to run 10 kilometers in under 50 minutes is harder than I thought. I have been watching what I eat (to a certain extent), I have been training pretty regularly, I have (for the last month) been following a training schedule, and I have been going for at least one (over 10K) hike a week but still I feel “not ready” for this little run.

Lord knows, I’m going to eat a huge breakfast after this run on May 1st. I’m thinking an outing to The Blue Fox is in order.

I’m off to Strathcona Park over Easter. Josh and I are doing a 5 day traverse of mounts: Castlecraig, Frink, Jutland, George V, Albert Edward, and Strata. It’s going to be epic!! Expect a trip-report from this trip! :)

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