Training for the Grand Canyon

As I mentioned in another post, Christine and I are headed to the Grand Canyon in May! The plan is to walk from the South Rim, into the Canyon, up the other (North) side, back down and back to the side that we started on in 4 days. We were only able to get a permit that would allow us this small amount of time. We tried for a longer permit (I think the request was for 5 days) but the NPS wouldn’t allow us.

Anyways, I am super excited! We’ve bought our plane tickets and everything, non-refundable!!! I guess that it’s really happening! AHHHHHHH!

Over the weekend we went for a training hike that would simulate some of the distance that we are going to encounter on the trails in the canyon. Our longest day is 24km with some close seconds. On Saturday, we walked the 24km with a little less ele. gain than we’ll experience in the canyon. Our fairly simple route took us from the Mount Work/Gowland Todd parking lot, through the park to the other end at Caleb Pike, back to the van/parking lot for a rest and then up and down Mount Work. Thought that I would post some photos.

Rest stop number one, Malahat Viewpoint.
Rest stop number one, Malahat Viewpoint.

2 hours and 19 minutes to the other end! Just over 10km!

Heading back to the parking lot and a mini-nap in my van.

Up to the top of Mount Work. Getting tired now…

Back to the cool viewpoint on the way down to hookup with Silas who was going up and over and back.

We walked down with Si and went home happy. Christine got a Glamour magazine as a reward for doing all that distance. We are now training every Wed. night and Saturday all day. The canyon is happening in under one and a half months!

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