The Sooke Hills

So this is just a quick check in (noticed that I haven’t posted anything in March). I’ve been battling blisters for over a month now and there are finally healing (barely there now, just new skin -– yummy!).

I have basically fallen in love with the Sooke Hills.  I’ve been out every weekend since I got these darn blisters hiking around in them. Last weekend, Josh and I did a big ass link up of: Wells, MacDonald, Stick Bump, Braden and Sugarloaf. Only about 16-17km in total but a lot of that was bushwhacking! I was really tired at the end of it all. The next day though, got me up Peden Ridge with Silas and there’s talk of snowshoeing this weekend.

I’m trying to stay active for the 10K coming up in just over one month. I have not been fully training as I should be. The thought of climbing still comes to my mind a lot but my finger still makes an awful cracking when I pull on it. I suppose things could be worse… I’ve got a traverse in Strathcona all planned up with Josh for Easter. Snowshoeing and snow camping, should be a good one.

So basically, things are steady: training for 10K, wanting to climb but can’t (come Spring I’m doing it regardless!), hiking TONS (Sooke Hills most of all), and trying to eat well (but failing at that…).Went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life yesterday! Also, will be trying massage therapy soon. That’s it really..

It was the first official day of Spring a couple of days ago. So, that’s nice.

I’ll leave you with some photos of the Sooke Hills traverse that Josh and I did last weekend.

Josh on top of the first peak of the day, Mount Wells.

Beautiful alpine enviroments, perfect for route finding at only 400 meters of ele.!

Top of “Stick Bump”. This is actually a really beautiful spot in between MacDonald and Braden. The hike down from here was some of the best terrain of the day!

Cougar poo! Notice the hoof (!) top right.

On top of yet another peak. Getting tired now…..

Braden at sunset. On to Sugarloaf!

There’s that bridge again! Walking out to the road…


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