Slimming Down

Thus far I have exercised every day in 2011 and, in fact, I am slimming down and loosing weight and getting in shape for the 10K in May. Not actually that surprising, really (exercise works!). I was listening to the radio the other day and they actually said that there was this study conducted in 2009 all year long. It found that people who lost weight and kept it off, consumed fewer calories than others who did not keep weight off and exercised on a regular basis! (Wow). Really – this was on the radio!

Anyways, the exercise that I have been doing has consisted of: running, yoga, climbing (indoors, taking it easy due to a finger injury), hiking and snowboarding. More on that last activity in a moment.

I feel that my new goals are coming into focus and that I’m doing a good job of keeping everything that I set out to do in January in check. There is one problem, however. I have set out to accomplish too much in a short amount of time (this year, basically). I’m expecting too much of myself and not realizing that I actually have a lot of time to do it. This is pretty typical of me. This doesn’t allow me to concentrate on activities and tasks that I put at a higher priority than all the other little ones. Does that make sense?! Think “jam on toast”. It’s how I feel. Sounds like some motivational speaker shit. Sorry about that.

So, I decided that I really needed to redo the list that I laid out for myself in my first post. There’s just too much on it. I’m going to revise these goals. Some of them I’m going to aim to have them completed by the time I turn 40. Others are “short-term” (read: “this year”) goals. Here are my revisions:


  • Running (most of all getting the 10K completed, hopefully in under 50 minutes)
  • Mountaineering (climb a mountain a month on Vancouver Island and write trip reports here)
  • Fashion photography
  • Rock climbing
  • Updating my photography diary (ongoing, going well tho.)
  • Shoot a gun (done!)
  • Eating right/well
  • Web design (ongoing process but figure I can strike it from the list as it’s now my new job and I’m trying to slim down my activities and have more time for me)
  • Hiking
  • Hiking with Christine
  • Earning more money (this is part of shooting more weddings as side projects and creating more small, side project sites but I’m going to strike it as, I did get a new job that I think qualifies this)
  • Getting in shape (workn on it!)
  • Moving sites to the home server
  • Progressing at my Public Service Job (I’m still brand new at new job but I already feel welcomed and I feel like I’m respected and my opinion matters. This is important. I’d say this counts as progressing)
  • Coffee

Before I’m 40 (there’s time):

  • Learning to program (a programming language such as Python)
  • Learn PHP, beyond a basic level
  • Wedding photography (shoot more jobs)
  • Updating and maintaining my wedding photography site
  • Learning about wine
  • Mountain Biking (*removing from list in order to slim down activities..)
  • Learning to shoot a gun, gun license
  • Learn to hunt, properly and respectfully
  • Photojournalism projects (TBD)
  • Creating a photojournalism site (it’s created, there’s just no content!)
  • Updating that site
  • Creating home servers
  • Travel!
  • Going to bed early
  • Cooking healthy (learn new recipes)
  • Snowboarding (*removing from list in order to slim down activities..)

So, I’m slimming down. You’ll notice that snowboarding is stricken from the list (told you I’d get to that). I think that I am done with snowboarding (this goes for mountain biking too). I went to Mount Cain last week with my friend Joe, his fiance’ and a bunch of his friends. It was really cool to meet new people and to see a small mountain/ski hill lodge and operation. Mount Cain is truly a cool mountain. It has the North Island feel. It’s very laid back and I smelled weed the first breath I took after I got out my hitchhike-gotten ride up the mountain. Did I mention there’s an equal dog to human ratio there? Anyways, I had a wicked time. Here’s a video to prove it.

Thing is, I just didn’t have fun actually snowboarding. It’s a lot of money and effort to just ride the hill. Also, I was really impressed with the folks who were ski touring up there. See, they can go up and down the mountain! As I’m getting into mountaineering now (finally! I’ve wanted to do it since I was 15!) ski touring or snowshoeing seem to be the way to move around the mountains while snowboarding seems like kinda jr.

So, in light of all this (Mount Cain and my slimming), I went out and spent close to 700 dollars on new mountaineering boots, crampons (my first pair), hiking poles, snowshoes, and gaiters. I did this because climbing is important to me, and always will be. Now I have everything I need to do it. I want mountaineering to become a monthly activity and rock climbing to become a near daily activity. In the past I’ve let injury, illness, and (most of all) other hobbies and pursuits take climbing away from me. I’m going to work to change this in my 30’s. Climbing, photography, and a simpler life at the forefront of my life!

I think that I will from time to time revisit the above list and make changes to it. Christine’s dad said to me the other day, that the most successful people in the world all wrote down thier goals. It’s something that I’ve never done but maybe I should start doing. Long live the simple lists!

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