Pardon the Absence

I guess every blogger has a “Excuse the Absence” post once in a while. And, I guess they all say “Oh man, I’m so sorry! I was just so busy, I couldn’t update my blog!”. Well, this is the case here but I’d like to add to that..

I really have been busy! It’s super good though – it’s not the crazy “I want to kill myself, I’m so tired” busy, it’s more the “I’m getting a lot out of this stuff” busy. I’ve been quite happy and I’ve been getting my life together. I’m realizing more and more just how little time we have in a day. There’s not enough time for everything that you want to do – so pick your battles and fight those.

I’ve been rock climbing (bouldering, mostly) at Craig X and some times (when weather permits) outside at Flemming Beach and at this spot by my house. I have been going for little dayhikes with Christine and Silas and I’ve been enjoying not having the pressure that I put on myself when I was trying to tick all these mountains off during the summer. I’ve been getting stronger and I have good rhythm in my climbing routine. Now, I just need to concentrate on eating better and healthier, something that I promised myself I would do quite a long time ago, but never got around to… *whops.

My first year of thirty is coming to a completion SO quickly! I’m not nearly as scared to turn 31 as I was to turn 30 but it still feels strange – like these days and weeks are moving faster than before. This is actually the only thing that bothers me about being 30. Writing this diary has really helped me to reflect on things though. It’s been a good year. I guess one thing that I should mention is the realization that I had. You can’t force everything and do everything at once. When you slow down and connect with yourself, you realize what is really important. From there you can move forward and become an expert at what you have chosen to do… just don’t do it all and especially not all at once.

Well, I hope that makes sense, for now I leave ya’ll with some amazing climbing inspo – the video below. I’m starting the paperwork with my employer which will allow me to use 10% of my pay over the next 3.5 years to take 6 months off in 2015! I will most defiantly use some of this time to gain some climbing objectives, rock and alpine. (Expect more climbing posts). Time to start training!

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