One Down… 9 to go!

Wowzah! Has it been a year already!? Shit! I’m 1/10th done this blog already! Hey, that’s not bad!

Yep, that day counter up there is getting pretty darn close to 365, one year deep into 30!

Well, it’s been a good year – not a long one. Feels like just the other day I was turning 30 and starting this blog. I knocked pretty much everything off my 2010 list:

  • Running (most of all getting the 10K completed, hopefully in under 50 minutes) (I did this, it’s done, I’m not into running any more now that my finger is healed and I can climb again.)
  • Mountaineering (climb a mountain a month on Vancouver Island and write trip reports here) (OK, so I don’t climb “a mountain a month”, but I do climb up in the hills often enough. I feel much more confident in the hills now that I have got some practice.)
  • Fashion photography (I think it’s going pretty well, just need to keep up with it now!)
  • Rock climbing (I’m back at it! This is my three year plan now.)
  • Updating my photography diary (ongoing, going well tho.)
  • Shoot a gun (done!)
  • Eating right/well (This one’s a though one.. I’ve just in the last month started being actually conscious of what I am eating again, so this doesn’t get a check mark…)
  • Web design (ongoing process but figure I can strike it from the list as it’s now my new job and I’m trying to slim down my activities and have more time for me – front-end development is where I want to focus for 2012.)
  • Hiking (I just need to keep up with this.)
  • Hiking with Christine
  • Earning more money (this is part of shooting more weddings as side projects and creating more small, side project sites but I’m going to strike it as, I did get a new job that I think qualifies this)
  • Getting in shape (workn on it! It doesn’t get a total strike through yet, I still need to loose a few in order to be in really good shape for the rocks and mountains.)
  • Moving sites to the home server
  • Progressing at my Public Service Job (I’m still brand new at new job but I already feel welcomed and I feel like I’m respected and my opinion matters. This is important. I’d say this counts as progressing.) (It’s been hard for me to accept this new line of work. Not because I dislike it, but because it’s not photography. I’m going to always grapple with this.)
  • Coffee (HEY! Did I mention that I’ve stopped drinking it!?)

So as you can see, I’m doing pretty good. I think that the things to focus on for 2012 are:

  • Maintaining all the good things that I’ve done in 2011 (above).
  • Flossing my teeth.
  • Debt repayment, getting on my feet.
  • Lots of rock climbing, maintaining a steady strength on the rock and progressing steadily too.

That’s it really! I’ll make a small update about what I did for my birthday soon. Thanks for reading, not that you have to or anything…

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