Not Feeling “Well”

So, lately (like the past 2/3 weeks) I have not been feeling “well”. What do I mean by that? Hmm.. Well, I suppose I mean that I should just get off my ass and do some training for climbing instead of spending all this time in front of the computer. Thing is, it had (has?) been going so well! Training, that is. This is the reason that I have not been posting here so much. Training was taking up a lot of my time. I was (am?) very excited to be getting to the top of my climbing game. I want to start to push new boundaries and get in super shape for the trip which is in just over 2 years time. I want it to be a transformation.

It had been going like this. I was eating so well, and training so steady.

I recently decided to re-do my main site. I got this idea in about Dec. of 2012. I thought it was going to be an easy process and only take a few days. In the end I lost a lot of (training) time on it (of course – everything always takes longer than you think it will).

Work fucking harder.

I saw this on Tumblr and for some reason, it struck a cord with me. I felt that I had been slacking off in the learning/web development side of things, so I chose to take on the new project. I quickly came to realize that my training schedule is a fragile house of cards. Balancing all of my hobbies and work is a hard thing when you stack on a full (every day) rock climbing training schedule. I have not got it lean enough. I need less things to do. I’ve been stress eating and not taking care of my body – I hope that this post will serve as a turning point for all of this. After all, the site is basically done as of yesterday…

I don’t want to “Work fucking harder.” I want to actually put less stress on myself and work fucking less! More and more, I’m thinking all I wanna do is be a mountain guide… Or possibly a hermit in the woods. I kid, I kid…

And that’s the update on training.. Hopefully, I will have something more to report in the way of outdoor adventures soon.

Much love, JB

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