My Current State

My current state is a strange one. I go through stages of hard work on the climbing front only to fall short on the motivation side of things a few days later. I’ve been pulling high 11’s in the gym (a goal I set for myself this past fall) and climbing some strong problems outside. I feel very grey though and my vision seems a bit clouded. This is most likely why I have not posted anything for a while. In some strange way, I feel that this video speaks to what I am feeling.

Sasha stuck his first V8 in Squamish last week! He climbed Gibb’s Cave and has re-inspired me to get out and get training. I really do owe the guy a lot. I have started going to the gym at lunch more often in a hope that some cardio and stationary bike training will lower my weight and increase my strength to weight ratio. Thing is, things seem to be happening slower than I anticipated. It’s been hard to find the time for everything and the time to incorporate climbing and training into my life without it feeling like work. I think I need an attitude adjustment and some fucking sunny weather!!!

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