My Birthday Happened, I Forgot to Post…

So, this time/year/birthday around – it wasn’t a huge party-time fiasco for me. As my b-day falls at the start of January, I always understand if people are burnt out from holiday festivities and not in a party mood. It has been this way my entire life. I’m totally alright with it.

So, this year was pretty mellow.

Let’s see… what did I do on the first day of my 33rd year on this planet?? Well, this time around my b-day fell on a Saturday and my training had been seriously lapsing (holiday issues) so I thought a good morning birthday run was in order:

The run was actually a big highlight to my day. It felt good to be out training again. I thought a lot about the year ahead of me and what I wanted to make of it. No music on the run – which is a really big thing for me!

Annnddd… I also went for sushi with all of Christine’s fam!

And uh…. That’s about it…! As I say, it was a pretty straightforward B-day all in all. I think it was one of the mellowest b-days I’ve had in a while. In the present department, I’d say the most thoughtful (and favorite) gift of all was the jacket I got from Christine. I had a chance to try it out last weekend and I really like it. Keeps me warm in the mountains and makes me think of her when I wear it (awwww….).

This brings me to my “update on life in general”.

I haven’t posted much in a long time because I’ve been pretty darn busy with training. September saw a free-solo ascent of Redwall and Mackenzie Peaks and October and November were just train, train, train! Sadly, (for me anyways) December & January were not good months for training. My motivation took a BIG dive and I’ve finally realized that I need clear goals that I should be training “towards”. People often ask me what I’m training “for”. I’m slowly firming these goals up and will post them up when I know what they are for sure.

One coool climb that I got “up” to the other day, was something that David and I had been trying to do for the last two years! Conditions were finally right, and our schedules finally lined up so we got to climb the Newman-Foweraker route on Mount Arrowsmith last Sunday! It was awesome!

So, I’m trying to get out there more – trying to train more and get back to a good routine. I’m eating way too much junk – I think that’s the hardest habit I have to kick and one of the hardest things about training! At any rate, 33 promises to be a really good year and I am really stoked on it! 33 rolls of your tongue.

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