Mount Quimper, New Years Day with Christine

Chirstine, Sol, and I got our hungover selves up Mount Quimper on the first day of the year, 2012! The conditions were again pretty awesome! Cold as all get out, but pretty clear and lots of fun.

To anyone with a GPS (or a way of adding a tracklog to some free mapping software), a desire to try a new and super fun hike with BEAUTIFUL views, a girlfriend, and a dog I’d recommend giving this one a go! The views are spectacular! OK, you don’t even need a girlfriend but a dog is nice to bring. Budget 3/4 of a day. Here is the tracklog! :)

This tracklog/route starts about 30 mins. (by foot) up the decommissioned part of Harbourview road where your route will break off of the main road. There is a parking lot (new, March 2011) at the end of the paved/non-gated/driveable part of Harbourview Road (near Sooke). Also, in the tracklog, there’s a waypoint called “FASTWAYUP”. I like to take the longer way around the mountain (to the east) and form a loop, coming down the “fast way”. If you don’t have a lot of time, or can’t be bothered, just go up the fast way and do the same route and find the “surprise” on the top :). Enjoy! If Sol the dog can do it, so can you!

Oh yeah!… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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