Longest Climbing Break Since This Time Last Year: 3 Weeks

I haven’t been climbing in 3 weeks!!!! That’s the longest break since this time last year when I cut my thumb. If you check my climbing log, you’ll see that I was really giving ‘er in May and April, but June’s been a different story. It’s not without reason, I’ve just got back from traveling for the past 2 weeks. I went to Montana and Glacier National Park with my dad and just got back yesterday and I went to Saskatchewan in order to visit Josh and Ali a week ago. I’ll post some photos up on my photo log soon.

I’ve learned that the max amount of time that I can take off from training or climbing is about 10 days. That’s before my skin will start get too weak and my fingers will loose their resilience. That’s something to keep in mind on my trip that’s coming up in exactly 653 days. :) I’m going to aim to not take any time off longer than ten days from training from now until then.

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