Live Every Day Like It’s Your Birthday

32. Not a bad sounding number. Still, I don’t like the ring of even numbers. I think that 33 has such a better sound to it. Maybe it’s the double alliteration, I don’t know. Well, in order to make up for the bad sounding number, I managed a pretty awesome birthday and birthday weekend.

It had been three years in a row that it had snowed on my birthday so I was shocked this year (and happily surprised) to see the sun was shining on the freshly frosted roofs in the morning. It had snowed a very small amount the night before, so I thought for sure I would again see snow on my big day.

There were almost no clouds in the sky at all! A real treat considering the previous week had just been all rain and grey clouds!
The view from our new apartment.

Everyone at work was super nice to me and they all took me for coffee as a birthday treat. I really didn’t expect anything so nice. It was a welcome surprise and I didn’t even feel too old as I still think that I am the (second?) youngest person in the office.

At lunch I did something that I really should be doing way more often. I went for a mid-day bike ride! If it hadn’t been for the near sub-zero temperatures  this day would have felt like spring. I listened to Gang Starr and rode my bike to the top of Beacon Hill, sat down for a few and just enjoyed the quiet.

The afternoon was pretty much any other day at work but I felt happier and really stoked to get out and start the birthday/weekend festivities!

My folks came over to our new house and brought a bottle of wine at about 5:30.

After that, it was off to the main event of the evening, Red Robin! Yep.

At first I was just into the novelty of going to Red Robin and getting free food on my birthday but I actually really enjoyed the experience on its own!

This right here is a Guinness, Baileys, and ice cream shake! This was defiantly one of the highlights of the evening! I hadn’t been having too much sugar and junk food (which I sadly love) so this tasted pretty darn good. HA!

Decisions, decisions…. I ended up going for the Guacamole Bacon Burger. It was pretty good!

Johnny chose the manlier choice. I couldn’t actually find this beast on the menu, but it had a fried egg, bacon and cheese. I will call it the “Breakfast Burger”. This is one of the few times I have not seen Johnny finish everything on his plate.

No birthday at Red Robin would be complete without a little song and dance. They make you work for your free meal (they sung to me)..

All of the food was pretty good, except for these drinks. They are way too sugary and will pack a mean mean headache the next day.

Example A…

My birthday weekend finished off with a trip out to Jordan River with Kim and Johnny to shoot my riffle. It was their first time and I really enjoyed showing them how to shoot.
Kim's first shots with a .22

I shot pretty poorly (still learning, possible hangover??) but had a really fun time. Other than the really cold air, the weather was perfect for shooting.
My Lee Enfield .303

My birthday this year was of excellent novel proportions. My idea was just to be silly and have a fun time. I did just that! Thanks to all those who made it possible.

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