Little Setback…

I can’t go climbing for over a week, maybe more. I injured my left thumb chopping firewood drunk on Saturday night. I can’t begin to tell you how stupid I feel. Beavers, cubs, scouts, ventures, rovers, professional outdoor guiding – I’ve used a hatchet a billion times. Never once have I cut towards myself. The one time that I do, I slip and cause some pretty bad trauma to my hand. I nicked a tendon and I’m unable to open my hand 100%. I also have some blunt trauma injury to the end area of my thumb known as mallet finger. The good news is I can close my hand (grip rock) no problem.

I can’t begin to tell you how upset I was when I did this to myself and the thought of climbing crossed my mind – things were going so well!

The doctor says I’m going to make a full recovery though (so I am super relieved for that) but I’m bummed that I didn’t make my one year anniversary of climbing big injury free! I think that I can get out on the rocks in a week or so, Dr. seemed OK with this. It’ll be small climbs but I think that it would be good to just be going out there (wherever) with some climbing buddies to keep my head in the game, you know? I’m counting myself lucky!

In other news, I tried to go back up Landale with a friend of mine (Johnny and I went three weeks ago). I was kinda fucked up about things (issues with my mom and the thumb thing) so we just went for it. We tried the same route, bad move on my part. 3 weeks later and the winter gully is totally moated out – not fun, pretty sketchy. We hit really slidy ground higher up in it and bailed pretty quick. Thoughts of El Capitan were tossed around, but we chose to just head down instead.

I feel so stupid, kids don’t cut towards yourself!

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