Little Setback… Part II

Well, I felt that an update to my previous post was in order. My faith in doctors was tested throughout this whole process. All told, I saw three doctors and one surgeon after hitting my left thumb with a hatchet almost two weeks ago.

The first doctor told me to wear a brace on my thumb during the day for three weeks and then revisit a medical clinic to have it looked at after that.

Something didn’t feel right, so I got a second opinion. The second doctor told me to wear the brace all the time, never take it off or the healing process would be compromised – and have to be restarted.

The third doctor confirmed what I already knew was true, I hadn’t actually done damage to the tip of my finger, but actually nicked a tendon. This doctor schedualed me an emergency appointment with a plastic surgeon.

The surgeon finally told me what was really up: I had nicked my tendon, but it wasn’t fully severed and if I didn’t have surgery right away, it would heal in a half bent manner and I would never be able to hyper extend my thumb again unless I underwent a lengthy procedure involving graphing a tendon from my index finger.

Well, one and a half thumbs up to Dr. Djurickovic at the Jubilee Hospital! Finally, some answers (after waiting six hours at emergency).

I didn’t opt to have the surgery. While some may find it strange that I have chosen to not correct my thumb, I cannot justify the benefit when faced with over 2 months of recovery time for climbing. See, this is what all the fuss is about for me. I want to treat training for climbing the way a professional athlete would treat thier discipline (correct practice, cross-training, diet, etc.) 8 weeks off is just not in the cards now.

It’s very strange, this small injury forced me to face a lot of stress. It made my head go to a very bad place. I ate a lot of junk food in the last two weeks. I gained back the 4 pounds I lost since I started my cardio routine. I had thoughts of quitting, not doing this 3-year plan and climbing in 2015 (as planned). I was really fucked up about the whole thing. I’m really hoping that this injury does not affect movement on rock. Today is the test day, but I am confident – even if it does affect climbing, I will learn to work around it. Besides, Dr. DJ told me to ‘go for it’, so I am. The darkness is starting to fade, and I’m starting to feel mentally healthy again and getting ready to get back to training.

The waiting area at the Jubilee Hospital. I spent about five hours in this spot.The waiting area at the Jubilee Hospital. I spent about five hours in this spot.

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