Jonathan 3.0

My mood has been very down these last couple of days. I’m not entirely sure why. Jonathan 3.0 is trying very hard to simplify his life. Some people may wonder what I mean by that.. Well, I feel that I have too many hobbies and that I don’t concentrate on just one or two things. I know I touched on this before, but I just wanted to put it down in writing again: I feel too pressured to do too many things! The things that are important that I should be worrying about are:

  • Climbing – This is always the first thing that will come to my mind. Not just any climbing either.. Rock climbing has always set my mind at peace, without fail. OK, mountaineering has a similar effect but rock climbing is hard to beat. I’m very happy that my finger injury is nearly 100% healed so that I can get back to climbing. Just in time for summmmmerrrrrr!
  • Paying off debt – Not a lot needs to be said here. I have not done enough of this. I have not been making this a priority. Being debt free would allow for a simpler, happier life which has been my goal for a number of years, even before I turned 30.
  • Photography – Photography of almost all kinds has always brought me a lot of happiness and satisfaction.
  • Healthy Eating – My diet is always really awful and while my 30th year on this Earth has been much better diet wise, I still have a long road to travel in this department. So, it makes the list.

In summary… Jonathan 3.0 is coming to completion, he’s getting there. Jonathan 2.9 was not very happy with himself. I feel more secure and confident now though. It might have been this that I was missing. I may have needed this to get my life simplified and my passions fine tuned, to focus on what I really want.

There are a lot of items that I could have put on that list, but none of them are as important. I almost wanted to put learning PHP on the list but it doesn’t belong there. Learning new things constantly is important, most defiantly. However, this list is about simplifying my life and right now, I feel like learning and pushing myself to do new things is actually stopping me from simplifying. I hope this all makes sense.

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