Johnny Turned 30 too!

So my brother-in-law, Johnny turned 30 about a week ago. I just thought that I would mention it since this blog is about my entire 30’s (the whole decade). It’s funny because all of my friends are dropping like flies. Julianna was the first to go in March of last year, then me, then Johnny, next will be Josh and then Silas. Muahahahaha!

I didn’t take any photos at Johnny’s party which was this last weekend at Bard & Banker… I was just too out of it that night. I thought I would put up this video though as there was talk of taking Johnny to Vegas for his 30th. This did not happen as we are all kinda broke-ass right now, but hey, there’s always 40!!! Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ADAMEC!!!

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