How The Grouch Stole Christmas 2011

So, I went to Seattle yesterday.

I went there to see a show, How the Grouch Stole Christmas 2011.

Most of all I was there in order to see this guy, (The Grouch).

But I was also there to see Evidence, who we sang Happy Birthday too.

Along the way, I met this guy, Ben and got him into the show for free.

I spent little time at the backrow.

Most of the time, I was up front listening to some of my most favorite songs.

While this may not mean a lot to anyone else it represents a huge item crossed off of my bucket list to me. I have long listened to The Grouch and The Living Legends and I’ve only seen The Grouch once in Victoria. Nowadays, it seems that the Legends/Grouch don’t come North of the border. So, I went South, to Seattle solo and spent the night. Attend a Grouch show – check! One for the diary.

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