“Head’s down”, so hot right now.. “Heads down”…

This past week or so I have been so “heads down”. Yes, I know that’s a buzz word (and a hot one at that in the web design community!) and to be honest with you, I never even really knew what it meant. But this last week, I’ve definitely figured it out. My neck is literally stiff from my head facing in a downward direction for the past ten days! What did I do with the time? I’ve made a new templating CMS thingy for use on an artist’s or photographer’s site and a new wallpapers section on my site and I’ve got a little jQuery-based thing to append Instagram photos to a section of your site coming soon.

I’ve been busy, with computer shit. I wish that I wasn’t – well, kinda. I’m happy with the things that I’ve made and they will prove to be useful in the future, I’m pretty sure. I just gotta keep that focus on training for climbing. I’ve found my training routine to be like a house of cards (very fragile). If you remove one card (or change just one small aspect), the whole thing falls down.

I’ve decided to just let the computer and coding stuff cool down for a while. There’s no need to jump into that. I’ve learned a lot in the past year. I’ve bit off a large chunk and I have chewed it well. Also, I have a job! I don’t need to constantly force myself to learn new things. I need to keep up with my three year plan. I need to stay on schedule and to train hard so that I can climb hard in just two year’s time!

Below is a copy of the amazing American climber Alex Hannold‘s journal, photographed by Ben Moon. While Alex is a professional climber, he is still a human. Yet, I cannot believe the pace that he is setting for himself – it is truly insane! If you click the image to view it larger, you’ll see just how hard he is going. I like how he has training and smaller climbs logged too (like climbs < 5.11). On my trip, I hope to have a variety of climbs and I think that I’ll keep a journal like this too. Maybe I’ll make a small app for the task… lol.

I dunno, this silly find of a photograph just gave me some inspiration and I wanted to share. I’m getting real close to impressing myself on the rock and I’m excited about it.

I also want to maintain paying off my debt and being not only in good physical shape, but also good financial shape for the trip. These are the two areas that I need to focus on now: climbing hard and getting my financial affairs in order. While two years may seem like a long time, it really isn’t. A lot of time is needed. As Grouch says, “Plenty of time left, but really none to waste.” One good thing that has come out of this time off from rock climbing is that I have learned how long my body can go without climbing without seeing any downgrade in my performance. I’d say that about a week is the max. I’ll use this value when figuring out the timing of side trips while I am on my trip.

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