General Update @ 37

I know that everyone seems to have these posts. You know, that post that says, “I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long and that I haven’t been blogging”. Well, that’s me saying it this time. I’m sorry, self, that I haven’t been blogging.

The truth is I have been very busy and have been neglecting this blog a little bit.. I’m sorry – I know, I already said that. It’s still true though. I apologize, profusely.

The (primary) idea behind this blog is to document my 30’s and I have been doing a pretty lowkey job of it.

I guess the big news is I quit my job with the BCPS in April of this year (2018). I quit in order to study JavaScript, Node and React. I also would like to get a job in the private sector in the coming months. For more of what I’ve been up to on the coding front, you can checkout this page.

On the climbing front, I had a very poor summer. I made an attempt on Mount Rainier and Ha Ling Peak in the Rockies. Both attempts were bailed on and that bummed me out a little bit. I felt like in both cases we could have made it to the top, but we didn’t keep going because we listened to other folk’s opinions and didn’t really get in touch with that person inside – you know, that one that tells you to keep pushing on.

In January my birthday will happen again and I will be 38. I cannot believe it. I feel like I’m still a teenager in many ways. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. People are too serious sometimes and keeping an open and young mind is certainly helpful (at least to me). Yet, it’s hard to keep up with the Jones’ when people do not see you for your age. It can lead to some awkward situations, LOLzz..

I just realized that this post is boring.. I’ll stop here. My plan for this blog is to turn it into a completely static website the month I turn 40. The project will be over – I will have documented a decade of my life, climbing trips, and outdoor experiences. I will freeze this site on the Internet forever and this site will represent one chapter of my life. Who knows, maybe I will grow up in my 40’s. I probably won’t blog about it though..

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