Donate Your Old Tent!

It’s a long shot, but I thought that I would promote this excellent cause. Almost 100 tents are needed immediately for refugees in SE Asia. I got an email from the ACCVI’s list server today:

From Gwen Smith:

One of the many hats I wear is that of a volunteer at the Compassionate Resources Warehouse in Esquimalt (you can check it out on the Web).  Working with other non-profit organizations, we collect ALL MANNER of goods, sort them, and ship them to less fortunate communities all over the world.

We have recently had a request for 90-100 tents, two-man or larger (even the old car camping kind with the awning).  These are needed for a refugee camp on the Burma/Thailand border, where about ninety people are living on a garbage dump.

If you (or any of your friends/workmates) are able to help by donating such an item (check your old gear?) it would be greatly appreciated.

Drop me a line if necessary ( and I will supply more details.

So, I’m willing to collect tents in the next few days and co-ordinate with Gwen in order to get them out. If you have a tent you want to donate, let me know ASAP:

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