December, the Worst Month for Training

This time of year is the worst for training; it’s cold, there’s a million tonnes of junk food everywhere, and it’s only light for about 8 hours a day. I’ve fallen completely off my training schedule and have been sick twice this month. On top of this, not having a car has made finding the motivation to train difficult. Without a car it’s really hard to go climbing in the mountains on Vancouver Island and since I don’t have the ability to go climbing (aka a car) – it feels like I’m not going to go climbing (ever). So, what’s the point of training? I end up asking myself, “Why am I doing this?” It’s a dangerous and powerful question.

Why am I training? Why am I running? Why am I climbing?

Like, really, what is the point? I am not a professional athlete, nor do I aspire to be. I don’t actually get out into the mountains that much, even when I have a car.

Also, I have another finger injury. The physiotherapist says that it will take about 6 weeks to heal, with lots of work. Things aren’t looking up. I’ve been super sick. In general, I don’t get sick but these past few weeks have been an exception.

It’s hard not to ask myself, “Why bother?” December is the hardest month to train effectively in. This, I have learned.

I’ve been thinking about all of this stuff a lot the past 3 or 4 weeks. I’ve come to realize, however, that it’s impossible to stop training (at least for me). I may not be fully trained, nor in the best shape of my life – but I’ve come to realize that climbing, running and hiking is not a numbers game for me. I don’t want to hold all the FKTs, climb all of the hardest routes, or pound out the fastest paces. I want to have the most fun. That’s why I am out there.

The whole scope of being outside for me is mental stimulation and food for my soul. If I’m not outdoors following my passions, I am not the same person. When I used to climb with Josh, we were defiantly not crushers but I can guarantee we were the guys who were having the most fun at the crag, laughing the most. I gotta keep that feeling close to me. That’s what I’m chasing.

That’s what it’s all about. Don’t forget it.

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