Call of Duty (yes, the video game)

I’m 31 years old and today I purchased my first video game ever. Now, it’s not like I haven’t played video games before. It’s just that I grew up in a pretty poor environment with a couple of rather shitty experiences. As such, I didn’t have a Nintendo or a Sega Genesis. But I will always remember going over to the rich kids’ house to play Atari after school at the end of our street. Asteroids was an amazing game and video games were addictive! Pretty simple game though – shoot the asteroids into smaller and smaller pieces until they are too small to hurt your triangle.. er, I mean, “spaceship” anymore  – none the less, an instant classic. Thing is, as I never really had much exposure to video games I was never any good at playing them.

Kim and Johnny, my brother and sister in-laws, purchased an Xbox for Johnny last Christmas. Since then I have become quite an addict and slave to the game “Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3”. Today in an effort to not annoy them any further by knocking on their door to request yet another round of “guns and bombs”, I purchased the PC version of “Call of Duty, Black Ops I”. It is currently installing as I write this. Johnny may be able to use his Xbox a little more now..

MY plan is to just play once in a while as a wind down from the day at work or after a workout/training session for climbing. I write and document this here and put it to public record as I am (admittedly) a little worried that I will somehow revert to a pimplely, pre-pubescent teen with no life and no tan. OK, it’s possible that the later is inevitable..

The thing is, I like playing and I find it much more engaging than just watching TV (but much less productive than studying programming and/or JS). I guess it comes down to the question, “How much energy do I have right now?”. If it’s enough to study/read/learn, then I should do just that. However, other than the obvious age “thing”, I don’t really see an issue with it. I can’t believe it’s taken me 20 years to arrive at such a child-like stage!

This weekend, I’ll be taking my firearms safety course. Too many things are slowly creeping back into my life and I’m starting to find myself with too many hobbies again. I want this element to just be fun and carefree – video games are something that was (dare I say this?) “missing” from my childhood and youth. The too many hobbies thing is a constant battle, but I’ve talked about that enough before. Sorry to bore you.

It may be best if no one actually ever reads this ( it’s kinda embarrassing and a very boring post to boot, I know). Wish me luck in limiting this activity to a pass-time, not something else. Call me out if you notice me with too much acne on my face! Roger, JonathanB, out!

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