30, That’s a #.

Today is Wednesday, December 22, 2010 and I’m 21 days away from 30 (that number). Today I start this blog/diary/weblog (whatever you want to call it) as a marker in time of the beginning of my true adult life. Up until this point, I’ve never really felt adult. Finally though, I’m starting too. I have a new job as a Jr. Web Admin with the Public Service of British Columbia, starting on my birthday next month. It is the start of a new chapter in my life and to kick it off, I’m starting a weblog (at 30 years of age!). So hello, blog – hello, diary – hello, 30!!

This blog is going to serve as my personal log. I have a photo diary, and a web-design site that I update often. Here though, expect more words here than my other sites (and wayyy more randomness). This will truly be a personal blog. Ima write about whatever I feel like. Most likely, these things will be my experiences throughout the next decade (my thirties), and things like my hobbies: web-design and linux, rock climbing and photography and outdoor adventures. I am a huge do-it-youselfer and thus far I have taught myself everything I know about computers. I still consider myself a noob but I hope that I can start to contribute back something to the open source community and help others try and sift their way through all of the technology out there. The community at ubuntuforums helped me immensely when I was starting up on Linux and the internet in general has provided me with a lot of information. I’ll post a few trip reports and climbing route descriptions as well.

That all being said, I have a new direction for myself come the New Year: Health! I need to exercise, climb, live. The last year has been nothing but work and I need to take a sabbatical. I’ve achieved a good job, one that I’m sure that I will be proud to work at. So now my focus must turn more towards my body and mind.

I have some new goals for myself. The thing is, pressure exists. I have too many hobbies and interests and passions. I want to fulfill them all and become a master in all. They would include:

  • Learning to program (a programming language such as Python)
  • Learning more PHP
  • Updating and maintaining my wedding photography site
  • Wedding photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Updating my photography diary
  • Web design
  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Rockclimbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Learning to shoot a gun
  • Shooting a gun
  • Photojournalism projects
  • Creating a photojournalism site
  • Updating that site
  • Earning more money
  • Getting in shape
  • Creating home servers
  • Travel!
  • Moving sites to the home server
  • Progressing at my Public Service Job
  • Hiking
  • Hiking with Christine
  • Mountain climbing
  • Eating right/well
  • Cooking healthy
  • Running

The list goes on… I cannot possibly do all of these things well, all at once. The thing that I need to do is prioritize. I feel so much pressure to perform well in all of these areas. Almost like, people won’t like me if I do not. The goal though is health. I need to distance myself from some of the other hobbies and interests that I have in order to focus on myself. I am the fattest and heaviest that I have been since I lived with my mother and my diet is awful. Also, I plan to run the Times Colonist 10K this year and achieve a time faster than my 2005 10K, 47:05.

I choose running and climbing. I choose running and climbing. I choose running and climbing…. Which means current projects need to be wrapped up or drafted by the end of this month. I want a stable life.


  1. Health (mental and physical) — climbing, running, hiking, biking, being outside.
  2. Getting out of debt.
  3. Diet and the effort it will take to shop for and prepare healthy foods.

Tonight’s dinner. This has got to stop!

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