36: A Year Without Facebook

It’s actually January 30th when I write this, not my birthday, January 11th. The reason for that is that I wanted to wait to make this post. A lot of very dark and stressful things have been happening in my life and Christine’s life these past weeks. It’s nothing that I’d like to share with the Internet, but I didn’t feel right posting something happy when life was so stressful. The good thing is, it looks like that time is behind us. Hopefully, the rest of this year will not be as dark as January was.

I’ll be on Google Plus if anyone needs me.

Yeah, so – I’ve decided to take a year off of Facebook.com. I have “disabled” my account. Facebook was too much of a time suck and lately it had been causing me a lot of FOMO. I was certainly questioning myself a lot. People only seem to post on Facebook when they have something to show off about. I’m 36 now – I feel old, not flashy. I’m going to try and go a whole year without Facebook. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do it. Plus, it might actually feel good or beneficial and if it does, I might switch off Facebook completely.

Photos from my actual B-day…

I usually post something to help me remember my birthday and how it was. This year was probably one of (if not the) worst birthday I’ve ever had. I was so worried (again, don’t want to share details with the whole world via the Internet) that it made the day pretty stressful and very not fun. Anyways, here are some photos from the day.

The day started like any other with a bike ride to work. At this point, I still had not realised that it was my birthday! It was at this exact moment that I remembered. So, for some reason, I took a video…

The day passed at work without incident. I didn’t tell anyone at work that it was my birthday. I didn’t feel right about them knowing.

When I got home, Christine decided to surprise me with my favourite ice cream! She is such a sweetie.

I didn’t receive too many gifts, but I did get one from my mother in-law, Kathy. It was this green T-shirt, perfect for climbing!

That’s about it really! I can’t believe that this blog is over half way complete! My 30’s are actually turning out to be enjoyable!!

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