34 – Learned to Skiii!

34.. Wow. I guess that means that this blog is now 40% complete! This birthday was a really great one. I learned to ski!! Kim and Christine took me up to Mount Washington and got me ski lessons!!

I’ve snowboarded quite a bit in my life, so I I was comfortable with that sensation of sliding down snow, so skiing came pretty quickly to me. This is all part a big plan I have to learn to ski and ski up and down mountains and stuff.

Here’s the weekend in pictures

The Raven Lodge at sunset the day before my birthday.
Photo 2015-01-10, 16 49 45

Jenga was a huge huge hit. We had a few beers, played Jenga and then went tubing (sliding down an icy/snowy slope in an inner tube.
Photo 2015-01-10, 18 22 25

Kim made us all tacos. Christine really liked them.
Photo 2015-01-10, 18 44 40

I really liked this year’s birthday – mostly because I started to learn a new skill (even at 34). I really want to learn to ski. I think that it’s a big part of mountain travel and I can’t think of a better day to start learning a big component to journeys and adventures to come in the mountains.

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