Wanted: Local Climbing Snob Seaks Dream Partners

Hi. I’m looking for a climbing partner. This search is no easy task for me. I have high standards. No, you do not need to be able to lead 5.13 trad – actually, it’d be great if you were just a confident climber (whatever your grade is). However, you do need to be an exceptional human being, and I have to like you. Yeah, that’s a personal note and probably a tall order. I get that. We’re probably going to spend a lot of time together though in tricky situations and if we aren’t friends, well, that’d just be weird.

I like to practice climbing outside. If it’s not raining, I’d probably want to climb outside instead of the gym. I’m not against climbing indoors. As I type this, rain is pouring down outside my window and I have just returned from my first session at the newly renovated Crag X. It’s true, climbing indoors can make you really strong – and it does! It’s just not as fun as climbing outside. I like climbing rocks, mountains and snow, not plastic. Like I say though, indoor training is great training and I’d be into climbing anything with you (even gym walls). Your 1st love, however, should be climbing actual rock – just like me.

I’m not fussy about which style of climbing we do outside. I think that this sentiment sets me apart from other potential partners you may be considering. I am happy to crush pebbles, swing tools, kick steps, place cams, clip bolts or even crush on plastic; just as long as we do it together and we do it often. Oh, we also have to have fun while doing it. That’s the whole end game for me, fun.

I like to climb about 3-4 times a week. We don’t have to climb together every session. In fact, I’d prefer if we didn’t. I get that you have a life. Maybe you climb more than me, maybe less. Maybe you’re more of a dirtbag than I am, maybe not. That’s OK. I’m a busy guy though so I’m really limited inside of my schedule. Generally, I climb Tuesday and Thursday nights and part of the day Saturday – but I can change. I love to get away for single or multi-day trips in the mountains but I’m equally as stoked and comfortable bouldering for a week (with a rest day or two) in a place like Squamish or Leavenworth. We’re partners, so we make decisions about objectives together. However, I’m easy to sway from one idea to the next. I like it all.

You should be local to Victoria BC, Canada. If not, I don’t see how we are going to connect on a regular basis. I have climbed with some great partners over the years that fit my wish list perfectly, save for this one important caveat. They are not local. It’s very sad. A lot of climbers don’t seem to stay in Victoria. DW, if you’re reading this, I’m stoked for the next adventure – let’s do this! All this leads me to my next point; it’d be really great if you had a car. I don’t own a car right now – so uh, if you could do most of the driving that would be great. In exchange I offer to cover your gas costs in full.

Hard Skillz

It would be great if we were one to two degrees apart in our climbing skill sets. I’m no slouch but I defiantly have lots of room for improvement. As you can probably tell, I’m a bit of a “Jack of all trades, master of none” when it comes to climbing. That’s another great reason to keep climbing: to improve your climbing! Don’t you think!?

So yeah, if our technical abilities were matched (or at least similar), we’d probably have a better time around each other. Here’s mine (January 2016):

  • Lead 5.10 alpine rock, ~5.11 sport; follow competently 5.11+/-; free-solo low 5th, sometimes higher
  • WI4/M3ish (??)
  • V5s on a good day
  • Cool head under pressure, I retain my sense of humour
  • Trail run ~20km without whining (much), longer if whining allowed
  • I’m comfortable on glaciers and I actually kinda like long approaches (wait!… no I don’t!)
  • ~7 years experience on rock

Soft Skillz

These are more important to me than hard skills. It’s the stuff you can’t train for, the stuff that you’re made of. It’s your personality, your sense of humour, your general attitude. I wanna make friends. I want us to be friends! I wanna high-five at the top of granite spires, hug and laugh as you pull up to the belay, fist bump after you send your first 12d.

Did I mention I’m old?

What’s in it for you?

That’s a great question. I dunno, really. Hopefully you are looking for the same thing that I am and have similar priorities and skills when it comes to climbing. If so, I’d say that we could definitely help each other out! I’ll pay for gas! I’ll even let you lead the fun stuff (most of the time).

Oh yeah, one last thing! It be kinda good if you were male. I have a wife and I love her and while she’s not the jealous type, we both agree that climbing can put you in situations alone in tents for days on end which can get weird, ya know? However, if you are a hot climbing girl located in the Pacific Northwest area, please click here. There are people out there wanting to talk to you, believe it or not!

I’m not saying that you have to be male though. Whatever your gender is, if you actually made it this far and you’re still reading and you are still interested in climbing together, let’s talk!

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