Still Climbing

I went climbing with Sasha and Kai yesterday. I’ve realized that I’ve been talking a lot about hiking lately but in actual fact, I’ve been rock climbing a lot more than that.

It’s the start of my three year plan in order to get in shape and climb some hard rock climbs starting April 1st, 2015. I’ve only just started to complete this goal. I’m super excited to think of the possibilities. :) I think that I started properly climbing in October of 2011 (properly training that is) but I’ve never really given it long lasting attention. I’ve been rock climbing for a long time but have never trained a straight year through (let alone, three)!
Our thrashed hands after a day of bouldering.

It’s really surprising how life can take over and make us loose focus of what is really important to us.

I suppose three years is enough time to get my head straight and focused. :)

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