Jonathan Bell

I just wanna see the photos!

Hello, I'm Jonathan Bell. I'm 35 years old and I live in Victoria BC, Canada. I enjoy climbing rocks, taking my photographs, and coding websites. I love to take photographs of people and their souls. Occasionally, I'll write some front-end web code. I also like to write trip reports about my adventures in the west coast mountains of Canada.

35 for 35

This year for my birfday I decided to partake in the Birthday Challenge. I ran 35 kilometres for my 35 years of age. I was in no way in shape…

First Marathon

I ran my first marathon!!!! I spent the last six-eight weeks training. Holy shit, I barley kept it together in the last third of the race. I was so amped…

Alberto Edwardo

Ran up Mount Albert Edward the other day! Just thought that I would share the tracklog with the Internet. This was one of the best trail runs I’ve ever had!…

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